The RFID System was designed to eliminate water and dust suppression product wastage and to refill water trucks safer, more efficiently and to keep record of water and dust suppression product usage on a real-time basis. The main focus of the RFID System is to assist the operators to work more efficiently in the environmental sector.

The system is used to assist the driver, in aligning the water truck with precision, at the filling point by using a guidance system, which includes two cameras and in on-board monitor. The images are displayed to the operator on a LCD screen that is installed in the cab of the vehicle.

The RFID System automatically identifies the vehicle, its capacity and current water levels, activates the water pump and product (dust suppression) pump and fills the tank accordingly. Thus eliminating any risk of injury to the operator and creating a safe work environment. When the tank is full the unit will automatically switch off the pump to ensure there is no water/product spillage.

The system monitors and report water and product usage, which can be accessed through secure software. This can be used with audit trails and in reporting structures. The software also enables management to determine the productivity of the vehicle and operator, through logging working hours, idling time and whilst the vehicle is not operational.

Control room operators can monitor the vehicle with the mapping software (satellite tracking) as an optional extra (E-CAM System). The software indicates the progress of the vehicle whilst it is spraying, which is useful to deploy trucks to areas accordingly. This improves productivity and safe costs.


To create a safer, more productive and friendlier working environment through technologies and reduce product and water wastage. Traditional ways of filling the water tankers at filling points have huge disadvantages as well as safety concerns, because of the size of the bowsers.


  • Reduce water spillage & wastage.
  • Reduce dust suppression product spillage & wastage.
  • Cost effective and better productivity.



  • 2 Cameras (rear and side cameras).
  • LCD Screen on board.
  • Guidance system.
  • Alignment Sensors.


  • Automated Start/Stop.
  • Level indicator of water tank.
  • RF Identification system.
  • Automated pump station.

Tracking platform – E-CAM (optional)

  • Monitor vehicles.
  • Identify critical areas with snail trail.
  • Indicates the status of the roads.
  • Individual/Group monitoring.
  • Observe operator-driving behavior.
  • Real-time status of vehicles.


Creates a safer working environment. Usage reports logging.

  • Secure, individual access.
  • History report.
  • Driver Identification.
  • Work/Idling and down time.
  • Water and product usage.
  • Driver behavior (optional).
  • Compile reports.
  • GEO-Fencing (optional).
  • Account Setup.


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