TDS 2005

TDS 2005 is a unique environmentally friendly liquid gel used for the suppression of dust on Tailing Dams.

TDS 2005 is a patented soluble concentrate used for the suppression of dust on tailings dams. TDS 2005 is biodegradable and non-toxic to plants, animals and people (environmentally friendly). Mines have a number of challenges in reducing windswept dust on and around their numerous tailing dams. We are pursuant in providing a solution to the Mines by supplying and applying TDS 2005.


The challenge is to prevent wind from eroding the very fine dust (<0.1mic) off the tailing dams and open soil areas, which cause a dust cloud to be swept into the atmosphere and settling on populated and agricultural areas. The nature and size of the dust is undesirable thus creating an environmental hazard.

It is our observation and understanding that most of the airborne dust is generated from the:

  • The beach, top of the dam.
  • Slopes, sidewalls.
  • Roads.
  • Open soil areas.



The solution is a matrix blend of a patented anionic surfactant, Marine 3 and other environmentally friendly products. The unique properties of this Liquid gel allow the product to penetrate into the surface of the dump, resulting into a durable bond binding the loose aggregate, which generates into a crust.

This crust remains porous allowing rain water to penetrate yet will not be washed away under normal rain conditions. It is our experience that the crust will remain in tack for up to 6 months extending to 12 months depending on atmospheric conditions.

Being an environmentally friendly product, the dust suppression solution is not applied to the detriment to the growth of vegetation for a more permanent dust suppression solution.

If used in conjunction with strategically placed wind brake netting, extensively researched by us, the lifespan and effectiveness of our product can significantly be extended.



By adding TDS 2005 to water at the recommended dosage rate and then applying the treated water as a dust palliative you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Water Saving TDS 2005
    Treated water effects a saving of 40 percent – 80 percent in water usage.
  • Fewer Spraying Trips
    The cost of the product is also off-set by savings made in fuel, manpower, vehicle servicing intervals, and follow-up maintenance.
  • Binding of Fine Soil Particles
    The dam surface is smoother and less likely to generate fugitive dust.
  • Static in Fugitive Dust is Removed
    This is achieved by incorporating the anionic surfactant M3T in TDS 2005TM. Dust remains airborne for less time than normal, thereby reducing fugitive dust.
  • Improved Road Safety
    Less dust means better visibility on roads in the vicinity of the dam.
  • Showing Care for Public Health
    Reducing fugitive dust minimizes health risks to people in the surrounds of the dam.



TDS 2005, is supplied in a concentrated Liquid in convenient 1000 litre flow bins or in bulk. The frequency of application is determined by ambient climatic conditions and the type of tailings. Field trials have also shown that spraying 2 litres of treated water per 1m2 is sufficient to successfully suppress dust and gives the best results both in performance and economically. TDS 2005 is applied in two methods both using high pressure pumps:

  • Slopes: Hand held spray lance supported by long hoses.
  • Roads and Beach area: Spray boom behind a truck.



If you are interested in TDS 2005 or have any questions please send us an email.