Southern Africa’s available freshwater resources are already almost fully utilised and under stress. At the projected population growth and economic development rates, it is unlikely that the projected demand on water resources will be sustainable. 

Supply will become a major restriction in terms of both the amount of water available and the quality of what is available. It is imperative that South Africa develops both a water-efficient economy together with a social ethic of water conservation and ultimately a culture of sustainability of water resource use.

Water is a precious and scarce commodity that demands respect and preservation. Water effluent management is not only important but also financially viable. Legislation will enforce the recycling and re-use of effluent water in industries in future.


  • Water purification technologies & systems.
  • Water footprint analysis and management.
  • System development for water recycling.
  • Technology development & implementation.
  • Wastewater treatment at management systems.
  • Ultra & micro filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, screen filters, water softeners and activated carbon vessels.


E-CAT is experienced in natural resource water purification, bottled water filtration, as well as mobile water purification systems. Our products like Kristal ultra-filtration membranes give us an added advantage when purifying water in regions where the water source contains impurities or has high salinity content.


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E-CAT offers comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable wastewater treatment systems for a wide range of applications across a wide range of industries. As a one-stop solutions provider, our experienced team of technical personnel can customise and provide effective wastewater treatment purification solutions based on the desired water quality and output.


E-CAT can deliver sustainable water solutions to water-stressed regions. Wastewater recycling is a good alternative to seawater desalination for water-stressed areas that do not have access to the sea. While psychological factors may inhibit the use of the recycled water for drinking purposes, it can be channelled for use in industries, leaving more fresh water available for human consumption. Our experience in building water recycling plants and our filtration systems makes us a partner of choice when it comes to delivering sustainable water solutions.